Animal Onesie For Men – The Perfect Gift For Him

The first Halloween costume I bought was a piggy pajamas Halloween costume for my son. I knew that he was only going to wear it once, so I picked a really cute design. And I am so happy that I gave him this adorable little costume. But what I learned along the way was that the perfect animal ones for men is not always as easy to find as the female ones.

Animal Onesie For Men - The Perfect Gift For Him
I remember when I got the piggy pajamas outfit for my son. I had been looking for a perfect costume for months. And it finally came to me when I realized that I could dress up my son in a costume that made me look just as cute. So I got him a snazzy costume complete with bow tie and his friends. But boy did we run into trouble when I tried to put the costume on him for Halloween.

It looked great, but his head was always hanging down and he kept pulling at his ears. So I decided that since he didn’t have any hair around his ears, it wouldn’t be a problem to get him one of those animal onesie’s with ears sticking out. So I went ahead and got him the best one I could find, which was a great one with a real turquoise headband and matching paws.

Well, as the days went by Green Aliens Kigurumi Onesie I noticed that my son was losing interest, but I didn’t know why. Then one night he was napping in our bed and suddenly had all kinds of problems that I thought were probably related to his sleeping troubles. So I asked him what was wrong and he told me that his ears kept sticking out because he had an animal ones on. I was pretty amazed that he knew about this before I did. So I got him another one just in case.

Boy am I glad that I didn’t think about getting him one of those disposable ones that you can buy at the local Wal-Mart. That would have been so embarrassing for me. I wasn’t even sure if I could wear it to work because I was sure that someone would see it and think that I was messing around. So I tried it on just to be on the safe side. The ears stuck out perfectly so I put it on and walked out the door with my newly purchased “best friend”.

My husband thought that I had bought the coolest animal ones for men ever. I guess that he was also trying to impress me because he had seen some of them online and assumed that I must be buying them as well. Anyway, we’re very happy and I’ve told him that I hope that he wears it everyday so that he can see how cool it really is. If you’re wondering if you should get an animal onesie for your man, I would recommend that you do because they are perfect for both genders.