Animal Kimogulu Sizes and Designs

My Santa Clause is a proud animal lover and so I have selected some of my favourite animal suits for her to wear on Christmas morning. She will certainly be feeling very warm and fuzzy when she receives these special onesies from me. All the better for me as she has always secretly desired a walrus suit or a bear suit or even a monkey costume, so now that I have her on my Christmas list, I am ordering the perfect ones. She will love them all!

Santa’s Two Little Onesie is an adorable little animal suit in pink with a matching belt. It has ruffles at the knees and elbows and is made from a soft plush material. The face is a cartoonish version of Santa and his reindeer. Santa’s Two Little Onesie can be transformed into a fully dressed reindeer when you add a red bow onto the top of the animal suit!

The Little Bo Peep I am sure everyone’s favorite is the Little Bo Peep Santa Claus Dress! It comes in orange with a white ruffle collar and bow. It is really cute and it will turn your child into Santa Claus in an instant! Santa’s Little Bo Peep can be dressed in blue with a white vest and bow when he gets tired of wearing his everyday work clothes! When he gets hungry he can simply pull off the vest and dangle it back like a big turban!

The Little Bumble Bunny I love her because she is such a sweet little one. Her pink and purple fur are both stunning and unique. The top part of her dress has a fantastic and fluffy design in the shape of a peace symbol, which is great for her on her birthday. The bottom of the dress is also pink and has a little bow that really adds to her beauty.

The My Little Pony is one that everyone should have in their collection! The My Little Pony is a beautiful pink teddy bear that can be dressed up in a number of different costumes. She comes in the traditional pom-pom costume, which is a great one for Easter or summer events. She also comes in the more modern zebra print that she is known for and even some more girly styles!

For anyone that is looking for a high quality animal kigurumi ones they definitely want to consider the ones from Babykigs. They are well known for making high quality kigurumis that anyone can enjoy. Check out the links below to see some of the most beautiful and creative animal kigurumi onesies and let your imagination run wild.